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This deviation was deleted

I think your main focus should be anatomy and fabric. I know hands and whatnot can be difficult, but that's not entirely what I'm focusing on right now.

Most females have hour glass shapes, whereas men have very streamlined shapes, almost like triangles. Women's hips are generally equal in proportion to their shoulders, whereas mens' hips are thinner than their shoulders.

Aside from that, you have basic structure fairly down-pat for a cartoony look with the faces. Since you're not really going for a generally 'realistic' look, the facial structure is fine. You've got the eyes in the middle of the head and whatnot, so that's good. That's usually what causes most problems; placement of the eyes

Another thing you might want to study on is how fabric folds look. Fabric is a bitch to learn, I know, but once you get it down, you'll love the results.

All-in-all, good attempt. With practice, you'll charge farther ahead than you are right now.

Keep at it!
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