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have faith by Remy1983

I want you to bare with me here. I want you to write on the chalk board one hundred (100) times "THE SMUDGE TOOL IS NOT A TOY" Do you understand?

The Smudge tool does not create amazing art when you wave it around like a challenged child attempting to hit a tee ball.

I would also like you to write 100 times "THE LIQUIFY TOOL IS NOT A TOY."

Also, the font is really ugly. Not only that, but you shouldn't TELL people what to see in a work if you're attempting something like this.

Please. Reflect on my words.
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Remy1983 Nov 28, 2012  Student Artist
wht does the pic hve to do with u. all artist hve different styles. u hate the pic then tough love. all of my pic is just a test...u can critique all u want but at the end its about respect. I would critique all of ur art but im not. I rather respect ppl art work...
You asked for critique. Literally. There is a box saying you REQUESTED CRITIQUE so I decided to try to help you. If you want to cry over me trying to help you after you literally ASK for it, you need to get off of DA.
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