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Mahhhhh by pinksaphire03Mahhhhh by pinksaphire03



"DA is great!  Its rules are great too!! Until one of my friends gets punished for breaking them.  Then the rules are just as STUPID as my parents.  REVOLT.  REVOLT!  I HATE DA.  I HATE THE ADMINS.  THERE'S WORSE HERE ANYWAYS.  PORN AND VAGINAS AND PENISES EVERYWHERE!! WHY DID THEY SUSPEND/BAN MY FRIEND FOR (insert: reason)?!?!? DOWN WITH THE ADMINS!"

Oh oh and as an added bonus, you can't forget the blaming of other people for a user's mistakes!

"Kids/People shouldn't be looking at (insert: glorification of self harm/explicit pornography/any other rule-breaking work) if it triggers/offends them!  It's THEIR fault they looked at it!!! It's not (insert: username)'s fault for posting it!  Even if it's against the rules, it's bullshit that they were suspended/banned for it!!! WAHHHHHHH!!  WHOEVER REPORTED** THEM IS AN ASSHOLE.  IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT.  STUPID NARK!"

*Not all deviantart users are colossal idiots
**'Banned' could also be used in this context, as many users can't figure out that only admins can ban
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Tuch Butt
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My name is V.

I run a shitty blog.

Haters gonna Hate by SparkLumSuit n' Tie stamp by GoldenTigerDragonBITCH by Dametoraoops by x-nauts
UNFUNFUNF by DametoraMasochist Stamp by black-roses-fallingin the butt stamp by ohhperttylights
Evil Like a Goldfish Stamp by dragon77123195-1 Quagsire Stamp by Pokestamps

List of insults used against me

Call me something creative if you're going to insult me. None of that stale, overused bullshit.


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Nezumini 3 hours ago  Student General Artist
BrainSturgeon 3 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist send help dat colour
deerpoodle 6 hours ago  Student General Artist…
11 year old from my school who i for some reason force myself to pay attention to??
idk but her art sucks a lot
Don't comment on my comment unless you're V-senpai.
deerpoodle 6 hours ago  Student General Artist
i think the 1st one is srs
TimelessOcean 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
my eyes hurt from all of the neon atrocity.
TimelessOcean 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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