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Lots of kink and robutts in here. Enjoy.



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I understand that I am
no longer relevant.
But I still would love some art for my
future home with my darling fiance.
By no means should you feel obligated to donate.
I appreciate even the thought
Thank you to all of you who
helped me reach my goal for the first print
and to everyone in the future who donates.

*Current Print Goal*

Orca -2 by justcallmemike
12x18 Canvas Print - Rolled
Total goal includes shipping

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Amazing how up in arms people are getting about the fact that DA bans users for sexual roleplaying.

I mean hell, the restriction on sexual comments has /always/ existed but they recently clarified that this includes roleplay.

FAQ #940: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding Roleplay?

And these rules have always existed. 
FAQ #3: Are there restrictions to comments?
FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #60: Do you allow "Adult," explicit sexual or pornographic content on DeviantArt? How about linking off site?

Since the massive layoff earlier this year, they've just been issuing flat bans since the admins who usually just issued suspensions are now gone.
And now that they're actually being less 'merciful' kids who get caught get super pissy and it's quite the show.

You should have read through the TOS before you agreed to them.  I mean really, you agreed to them blindly and get mad when you get disciplined for something that you said you read.  THey're well within their right to do what they will with your account if you broke the rules.

And remember that the DA terms of service extends across all services rendered.  This includes notes and Stash as well as chats and it always has. 

FAQ help--------------------------
Jumping in to provide you with some links about the policies Deviantart upholds about NSFW or Explicit content.
Please take a moment to read and understand these, as they pertain to all Deviantart services.  From to Chats and everywhere inbetween.
:bulletblue:Remember that your comments are also moderated.  Please do not engage in pornographic roleplays in comment sections.  This can lead to disciplinary action when caught.
:bulletblue:You also cannot 'age up' a character that has an average age in canon below the age of 18.  Doing such may lead to disciplinary action and the work being removed from DA.
:bulletblue:Pornographic imagery cannot be displayed in visual mediums.  Please refer to this FAQ for the

^This might help clarify some things.


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Over the stint of running WTFDA, never once was I ranted about in a youtube video.

Part of me is disappointed.
Starting an animation is like dragging your face across a gravel road.
If you're going to ask a question with a potential answer you do not like, it is important to brace yourself for that answer and not lash out when people supply it.


LittleHouseOfMorons's Profile Picture
Artist | Film & Animation

"The higher I fly, the better the view." - Starscream

My name is V. I'm a huge fucking nerd and shameless in most respects.
Been here for a while. Probably about 8 or 9 years.

I run a personal blog on Tumblr. These things often include NSFW and Guro related items. As such, I won't link it but if you're interested, it's
the-little-house-of-morons (.) tumblr (.) com

I used to run the What-The-Fuck-Deviantart blog but it was a bit too much for me after about 2 years. Not to mention I got tired of updating it. It lies in retirement now. It will not come back.

*940 users served*

UNFUNFUNF by DametoraSuit n' Tie stamp by GoldenTigerDragonMasochist Stamp by black-roses-falling
Evil Like a Goldfish Stamp by Dragon77123195-1 Quagsire Stamp by Pokestamps
Decepticon Stamp by DragonPud

I still keep my list of insults! You can find it below.

Call me something interesting if you're going to insult me.


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i came here to rub my hands all over your beautiful face

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Paperwork and shit.  still a lot to do in school too.  so I'm going in to block out some animation tomorrow.
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